Episode 1 – What is “365 Days of Travel” ?

In this episode, we share the vision of 365 Days of Travel, and what the future plan is for the podcast and website. "Travel talks" will be a platform for all things travel, so stay tuned for some excitement!
Steve and Maike

Episode 2 – chat with Lane @ increase freedom

In this episode, Lane and I (Steve) chatted over Skype. We discussed many topics to include our individual trips to Bali, travel experiences around the world, and the projects we are working on. Connect with Lane, you wont regret it!

Episode 3 – Chat with a couple of Canadien world travelers

Andrew and Patrick have traveled to some incredible places and they look forward to their future travels. This podcast took place in my car after picking them up from the airport at the end of a trip to Thailand. Cool stories and lots of laughs while discussing some awesome experiences and and a few travel tips.
* This episode contains explicit content.

Episode 4 – Chat with Joyce @ Melon Mission, Nakuru, Kenya

The Melon Mission has been around since 2004, providing education, food, and clothing to the children and youth of the Nakuru, Kenya Slums. In this episode, Joyce shares the mission and how they are making a difference in their community.

Episode 5 – IndiTales makes you fall in love with India

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to India? Anu shares her knowledge and absolute love of her home country. Even though she is a world traveler, she is truly fascinated with the place she calls home. Join us in hearing about history, culture, food and what can be experienced in India!

Episode 6 – Finding the Universe with Lawrence

Lawrence is an avid traveler and has some great insights into the world and how to be happy.
Is travel the solution?
He and his wife, Jessica, run two travel blogs: Finding the Universe and Independent Travel Cats providing a ton of great information and stories to all future travelers.

Episode 7 – Fun times with Cultural Foodies, Sacha and Lisa

Sacha and Lisa took some time to chat with me about some of their travel experiences, delicious food, and learning about the world. We had a lot of laughs!

Episode 8 – Learning languages and Boat-Hitch- Hiking with Paulina

Paulina is a travel enthusiast with a love for learning languages and world experiences. We chatted about her incredible trip across the Atlantic on a sail boat among many of her other many travel experiences.