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Inspired by years of travel and meeting people from all walks of life, we are committed to delivering travel stories, recommendations, and inspiration to the world.


Our mission of 365 Days of Travel is to break down barriers of ignorance and misconception, and to inspire those who have been putting off “that trip” for far too long. 365 Days of Travel is a collection of travel stories, conversations, recommendations, and photos of some awesome adventures to destinations around the globe. Combining the 365 Days of Travel Podcast, we will hear from people of all cultures and their most memorable travel experiences.

Our goal is to provide a valuable resource for travelers and soon to be travelers, regarding travel destinations and scenic highlights all around the globe. All podcasts will be authentic, first-hand experiences of travelers with their own individual charm. In the long run, 356 Days of Travel will be a collection of self-made travel audios and travel conversations that can be beneficial for your next trip. 365 Days of Travel is and will always be a free source of information, available for everyone who wants to hear about travel!
We are not professional travelers by any means, but we love to travel and talk about travel. There is nothing better than an inspiring story about a trip to a foreign land. We mainly follow word of mouth recommendations, and have always seemed to make the best experiences this way.

Since we realized that travel is one of the most popular topics wherever we go and whoever we talk to, we decided to start the 365 Days of Travel project. We want to share real stories of inspiring travelers from around the world. This is content created by a wide variety individuals, aimed at providing value to those who are traveling or want to start traveling tomorrow.

We hope you will enjoy it!

Steve & Maike

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